Thursday, July 30, 2015

Transformation Challenge Preview #transform

Hello Boys and Girls!

This Monday August 3rd will be the day I announce registration for the 8 Week Transformation Challenge.

I wanted to give you some detail how this challenge works and how it can benefit you when sign up!

1. It's an 8 week challenge that's filled with homework assignments, point system, prizes, sit down strategy meetings, workout commitments, weekly emails, online support, etc.

The winner of this challenge will need two things. Best before and after photos, along with the most points. Everyone signed up to this 8 week journey will be sending in before and after photos of all their progress. (Do not worry these photos will not be shared over the internet, they are just for a progress marker)

Homework assignments will be anything from completing food journals, sharing meal and gym photos, going for a hike, walk, run, or bike, cleaning out the fridge of sabotage foods, etc. 

These assignments will have points allotted to them and I will keep track until the end of the 8 weeks.

2. There will be 3 different packages to sign up for. One will be an online only where as the other two include one on one sit down meetings with myself to create an individualized plan discuss any questions, concerns or anything else related to food, training and beating out the competition.

There will be also an early bird special for only 2 WEEKS then after the price of each package will go up, so be sure to register before the early bird expires.

There is also limited spots as I can only take so many people on without overloading myself with work. For example, I can take more online participants than the other packages with sit down meetings, as I will need physical time being in the gym with everyone.

3. There will be a prize for the winner which will be announced closer to the start date of the challenge. The suspense is probably killing you right now! 

Now, because you are an avid reader of my blog and want more about this challenge I will be giving you an exclusive head start before anyone else! 

Comment below this blog "SIGN ME UP I WANT TO #TRANSFORM"  and I will personally email you all the details and how to register this Sunday and will secure your spot.

Let the games begin!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Big Project Coming Your Way!

Hello my fellow readers!

Today marks the day that I've completed my Precision Nutrition certification!

Thank you! Yes!

You might be wondering what this means to you? Well, I am currently working on two projects with my new certification.

1. Transformation Challenge. This will be a in person and online challenge for 8 weeks in September. This challenge will be open to my clients I train in the gym along with anyone who is interested,

I will be only take a handful of clients for this challenge so be sure to jump on this the moment I announce registration!

I will give further details closer to the start date!

2. Online Nutrition Coaching. This will be my main focus going down the road in my career. I will have different options here, but essentially just like coaching clients at the gym, I'll be offering my services online, and coach you through any nutritional obstacle standing in your way to success!

Again, this will be a limited spot ordeal, as there are only so many hours in the week.

The benefit of having a nutrition coach is the same as a training coach. Many of you might be thinking, if I have a training coach, nutrition should be included. Well it is, but to a certain point.

For example, I'll see a client 2 hours per week on average. They come into the gym, workout, sweat, and focus at the task at hand. Do you really think if I start spitting out nutritional advice during the hour that any of that information will stick? Most likely not, I will get a lot of looks like this,

All jokes aside, but I had more success with clients when I would take them out for coffee and discuss their nutrition. Paving a way to success with sit down meetings are the best. Just like coming to the gym I am educating you the best way to loose fat, gain strength, build muscle, etc.

Now I am super excited to get this going, so stay tuned and jump on this as soon as I put out registration! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Trouble Loosing Weight? You're Probably Doing It Wrong...

You hop on the scale, and you're two pounds down since last week. Sweet! You're on the right track.

With this positive outcome you become motivated and put in more effort in the upcoming week determined to loose more weight.

But wait.... You get on the scale again and you've gained one pound... How could this happen? You did all the right steps, but for some reason the outcome wasn't the one you hoped for.

Now you are depressed and dipping into some chocolate ice cream faster than Lebron switching from the Heat to the Cavs....

Many of my clients, and I think most people focus on numbers on the scale than what really is important, their behaviours that relate to eating.

For example. You are busy at work forget to eat a snack mid day and come to your workout on an empty stomach, can't get through it without feeling like a bag of crap. Then you come home starving and eat a huge meal before bed. This cycle repeats day in day out, and you wonder why the scale isn't tipping toward your favour.

Maybe we should focus on your behaviour before what it reads on the scale.

Many issues I've come across with clients are usually behaviours that can change very easily if its put first.

Such are:

- Going to sleep earlier to get a full 8 hours of sleep
- packing snacks for work
- preparing food for the week and not having the excuse that your spouse doesn't cook for you.
- eating out all the time
- drinking alcohol during the week
- etc

All of these above can be changed by behaviours and not worrying about which carb is a bad carb or a good carb, or which cleanse you should try next....

My suggestion focus on one behaviour change per month. You will have a higher success rate this way, than tackling on everything at once.

Once you form new habits, your body and scale will treat you with respect!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hire Me.

I don't usually blog about myself. I think I've only posted one blog about my weight loss story, but nothing that promotes my business and profession, and what I could do for you.

I think it's only fair that I can promote myself, if I am constantly giving you great information on health and fitness, along with many jokes about pop culture.

Since I like to grab attention every once in a while and stick out from the crowd, like how my hair inspiration came from Zane formally known as a previous "1D" member. ( I don't think everyone really understood the pain the whole world went through )

I thought this would be a great opportunity to explain what sets myself apart from the competition.

Here are my 3 reasons:

1. I am a Training Coach, not a personal trainer.

A training coach goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals. Not just in the gym but outside.

I take the time to get to know you, figure out what is preventing you from reaching your utmost potential. It might take 3 months, or it could take a couple years to see physical progression depending on many factors.

As a coach, I create a plan for you, execute the plan, and then I accept the responsibility if the plan does not carry out. Because some where along the way when you felt like you couldn't do it, it was my fault not to realize and push you through it.

But no matter what it takes its my mission to take you there. It's really easy to show up to work with a clip board in my hand with a program I downloaded off the internet that has 5 sets of bench press and squats along with 100 crunches to get your "core" strong.

I've worked in the big box gyms before, and the things I've seen personal trainers do to clients and happily take their $70-100 every session is pure robbery.

As a coach, I create a plan for you, execute the plan, and then I accept the responsibility if the plan does not carry out. Because some where along the way when you felt like you couldn't do it, it was my fault not to realize and push you through it.

2. Education. 

Certifications, conferences, webinars, DVDs, books, membership websites, blogs, articles, are what I live for. If there is something new in the industry you bet your bum I'll be going after it, and have my own opinion about it, to eventually educate my clients on it.

Every year I plan out what conferences, books, dvds, etc I will invest in. The moment a client asks me something fitness related that I've never heard about, is the day I will know I am falling behind in my continuing education.

A personal trainer can easily get a certification online and within a weekend, and pose as an "expert" online and sell you every different type of snake oil out there.

3. This is my career, not a job.

Many of you have probably had a trainer before, or had friends that used to personal train, or know of someone that is a part time trainer/bartender/fire fighter/fill in the blank.

The world of fitness is difficult and challenging to make a living off it. The stat out there is, if you can not make a living off being a trainer in your first two years, you're not cut out for it.

You constantly have to hustle, grind and then some. You can just sit back and let clients come to you.

That's why you don't see many people choosing the career choice of a trainer and sticking with it for more than 1-3 years.

Hopefully this gives you some insight why to hire me, or someone like me. Just remember a personal trainer is a repetition counter, a training coach, coaches values.